Wonder why your LinkedIn account is being blocked or restricted?

LinkedIn is a social network platform that focuses on professional networking and career development. Extending to building not only your company’s brand, but you as an individual, offering users to note accreditation’s, experiences (both commercial & life) and showcasing services along with endorsements.

LinkedIn is positioned and reviewed as a “business to business” social platform, professionalism and fake activity is of course, a big no no. LinkedIn have chosen to invest in and employ an extensive algorithm that can quickly capture ‘robot’ like activity and blocked the account immediately. Therefore, each account must be represented by a real human! Shortly after launching a new account, depending on your activity – in terms of invitations to connect and message sequences, you can expect LinkedIn to block the account and request a formal presentation of identification, (drivers license, passport or the like). Once uploaded, LinkedIn should respond to your case with 48 hours. You can use the following the link to speak to a human at LinkedIn and appeal, should your case be declined: LinkedIn Support. A responsible level of outreach activity (requests to connect) would be sub 1,000, you can remove connection requests here: Invitations.

If you need help with LinkedIn blocked accounts, we have a separate fix for this and offer an uncapped outreach solution.

You can also review our outreach strategy to manage limitations and maximise your LinkedIn activities – book your free consultation meeting below:





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